Facebook Attacks

March 16, 2010 at 8:48 pm 1 comment

Hi, it’s “CC” again and boy, has my human been busy this week!   She’s been getting calls from people getting viruses and porn pop-ups after opening a post on their Facebook pages. Let me tell you what to look for and how to protect yourself and your friends.

Here’s what happens: You see a post from a friend you know saying to look at a YouTube video, and they include a link. When you click on it, a window may appear saying that you need to update your video player (which really activates the virus) or the virus may start the minute you click on the link! And if you think that’s bad enough, the virus will grab your Facebook list and send itself out to your all of your Friends with your name and picture on it.

A lot of people use computers to meet old friends, find new friends, and to keep in touch with family. Social sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Flickr are very popular with the old and young alike. Unfortunately, a lot of ne’er-do-wells are now using these sites as a way to try to invade your computer and steal personal information.

Sadly, the idea of using your contact list to spread a virus is not a new one. Back in 1999, the “Melissa virus” would hide itself as a Word document and then e-mail itself out to the people on your e-mail address book when you opened the document.

This current Facebook virus is a variant of the 2008 “Koobface worm”. The virus “payload” can be anything from infesting your computer with porn pop-up sites, to disabling your anti-virus software, to searching and sending any personal information it can find.

What can you do to protect your computer and your social network of Friends?

  • Remember your mom would tell you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid? So don’t open any links from people you don’t know (that’s true for e-mail too).
  • If you’re not certain if a video or a link from a friend is real? Contact them and ask if they really sent it.
  • Beware of windows that appear telling you to click their button to “update” your Flash, QuickTime or Adobe software. Instead, go straight to the the official websites and get the updates from there.
  • Make sure your internet & security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall) is current with the latest updates. In fact many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like RoadRunner and Earthlink offer this software for free as part of your monthly high-speed internet service. If you didn’t get a CD as part of your installation package, call your ISP about it.

And if you did click on a fake link and infected your computer (hopefully your anti-virus and anti-spyware software protected your computer), go on another computer and warn all of your Facebook friends not to open any links they may get from you.

–The Computer Cat


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Phony Virus Cleaners Hot Update on Facebook Attacks

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  • 1. JimmyZ2  |  March 19, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Thx CC. I got one of those the other day. Sent the word out to all my FBfriends (using Facebook)



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