Bigger Words, Episode 4 – “Bigger Printing”

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Hi! CC again!  Boy, lots of people have been reading my articles on “Need Bigger Words!!”.  ( You can’t tell, but  I’m purring contentedly.) If you haven’t, just go back to my “Home” page and check out my 3-part series called “Need Bigger Words!!”.

I just got a letter from Asilbird22 asking if there is a way to do the same when printing a web page. Asilbird22 has a very good point, because no matter how much larger you can view a page, the printer will normally try to squeeze everything to fit the paper. And that can mean for some tiny, squinty print.

Asilbird22 was asking for AOL users, but this should also help all people, no matter what they use.

First, I want you to know that the guys that put together these web pages are suppose to follow the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) so their pages can be enjoyed by people who don’t have Superman’s super-vision. (If you want to know more, go click on this link here:  The WCAG is recommended, not mandatory—just like it’s recommended to put your hand over your mouth when you sneeze (for us cats we point our noses to the floor and shake our heads when we sneeze).

But back to Asilbird22’s question:  the answer depends on 1) the web page you’re trying to print, and 2) the options your printer has.

1) ON THE WEB PAGE: Many business and news web sites realize that readers will want a print of the article, and not all the ads that appear next to it.  My Human uses a lot, so that will be my example.

If you look around the article you may find some buttons to Print.  Or there may be a Share button that will have Print as one of its choices:

Print on Web Page

A Print button for clutterless printing.

These Print buttons allow a “clutterless” version of the article you want to print.

2)  WITH YOUR PRINTER:  Most shopping and entertainment websites have a lot of eye candy:– you know: videos,  flashy-Flash animation–making it difficult to print. But if the Web guys did their job, you do have a way to make the print bigger without it running off the page.  I’m going to use as an example.  Go ahead and try this on your computer.

If you normally click the little Printer icon to make prints, by doing this you’ll notice that the words come out pretty small.  If we rotate the paper from the normal “Portrait” to the length-wise “Landscape“, the web page automatically enlarges to fit.

To change your printer properties, there’s different ways to do this depending on your computer, your Internet browser, and the web page itself.  I’ll start with the Mac people first.

Mac People

1)  Go to the page you want to print.

2) On the top of your window, there is a Menu Bar.  Find the word File and click on it to open the list.  Click Print.

3)  In the Printer Preferences window, you’ll see on the right side how the paper will be printed. Right now it’s on “Portrait“. Click the picture of the paper with the little guy laying sideways (thats “Landscape“).

OS X Print windows

The circled button gives you Landscape printing.

4) Click the PRINT button.

PC People

1)  Have the page you want open on the computer.

2) Press at the same time the CTRL key and the P key.  ( This should also work for the AOL browser too.) This will open up the Print properties window and yours may look a little different:

W7-Print properties

This is the Print Properties window using Windows 7

3)  When the Print Window appears, click the Preferences button.

4)  Depending on your printer, find the orientation feature. Change it to Landscape. Click OK to get back to your previous window:


Here is how I can change my orientation. This can vary depending on your printer.

5) Now that your back to your Print Properties window, click the Print button.

There you are!  Now you have larger printouts!

Sure you’ll be using a little more paper printing in Landscape, but it beats having to squint!

P.S.    And if you are having problems reading a web site or difficulty printing a web page, write to the Web Site and complain! All sites have a “contact us” link somewhere. If people don’t complain the Web guys will continue to think everybody likes tiny text. (Also complement the good web sites too so they can keep up the good work.)

–“cc”, The Computer Cat


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