Virus Impersonating as a Firefox Flash Update!!

August 2, 2010 at 8:45 am Leave a comment

FLASH!  I just got a call from my Human telling me about the latest way those Nogoodnik hackers are causing bad trouble for good people and cats.

If you use Mozilla’s Firefox browser, this past week there was a (legitimate) Firefox update. Unfortunately, those Nasties have created a fake window warning you that your Flash Player is out of date and will tell you to click on the button to update it.


Fake Firefox Flash Update. Don't click it!

BUUUT, instead it installs a so-called “security tool” that disables most anti-virus software, and most of your applications.

BE  WARNED!  Anytime a window appears that says an application is out of date, don’t click on anything on that page. Instead, go straight to the applications site (for example and download any updates from there.

You can learn more about it from F-Secure’s web site.

–cc, The Computer Cat


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