CC’s Guided Tour of the Curious Blog Page, Part 1

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Let’s start off with why it’s called a Blog. I figure you already know where to find blogs, or you wouldn’t be here.  “Blog” is short for “web log“, get it?.

Now you’re probably asking:  “Okay Mr. Smartycat, so what’s a web log?“.  It’s a diary, journal, rants, thoughts, or opinions of the Writer that gets put on the Internet for everybody to see. Humans use blogs as “electronic soapboxes” they can stand on so everybody can hear their voice.  We cats sit on fences at night for the same reason (but we always get shoes tossed at us, booooo!).

Let’s start with this page. I have each area numbered to make it easy. If you click on the image below you can print it out as your guide. You’ll notice that most blogs are designed to have common features to make it easy to navigate around them

My Blog

Parts of a Blog


Below (and sometimes above) the Blog’s logo, you’ll find a row of links or tabs that will send you to a different page on the blog. These tabs will appear on every page you go to. A well-designed blog will always have a HOME tab to get you back to the first page of the blog. Other common navigation tabs are the ABOUT tab: it tells you about the author and what the blog is about (my ABOUT tab is called “Meet CC”), and a CONTACT tab (mine’s called “Ask Me A Question”) to write to the blogger.

POSTS (2),(8)

Posts are what the blogger (that’s me) puts on the page. I post useful technology tidbits that I think can help others new to computers (so keep those questions coming!). The HOME page shows all of the blogger’s posts.

Posts are dated.  Normally they are listed from newest posts to oldest.  On my HOME page, I use short excerpts from each of my posts. That way, you don’t have to scroll down a looong page just to browse. And when you find a Post you want to read, click the CONTINUE link (6) or click on the Post’s title (8).

Posts that I consider to be very important, I stickpin on top of the other posts. That’s what I did with the post (2) is pointed to.


More sophisticated blogs often include a SEARCH box to make things easier for you. When you type in a word or phrase inside the box, it will find all the posts that uses all of those words you typed in the SEARCH box.  Try it by typing the word Facebook, and clicking the GO! button.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about web sites is they have about three different ways to do the same thing. Another way to search for posts is by the month they were posted. CALENDARS (9) are for those “visual” people who like charts, and ARCHIVES (10) are for “literate” people to like to see words.

The difference between the two is when you click a month on the ARCHIVE it shows all the posts for that month. But when you click on a highlighted day on the CALENDAR, it only shows what was posted on that day.

RSS (3), (5)

RSS symbol

You’ve probably seen that mysterious little orange box (3) appear on a lot of web pages in the Internet. Now I’m going to tell you what it’s for!

“RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication (no really, that is what it’s called).

Think of RSS like having a subscription to the daily newspaper delivered to your doorstep. Only this time it’s a blog subscription that gives you the latest posts every day!

Most current web browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE8) automatically know that to do with RSS “feeds”.  When you click on that orange box (it usually has the word “Subscribe” next to it), what it does is it creates like a mini “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” folder on your Internet browser. This mini-folder gets updated automatically every time a new “feed” (in this case the feed is a new posting)  is added to the blog. Neat, isn’t it!

Not every blog has this, but I list my 6 latest “feeds” (in this case, my Posts) as part of my RSS column (5). You can click on them to read the post of your choice. (It’s an even faster way to browse!)


I didn’t forget, but COMMENTS are so important they need their own post!  This concludes the first half of our tour.  So, join me next time as we continue our tour of the blog and how to use Comments!



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