CC’s Guided Tour of the Curious Blog Page, Part 3

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(Click Here to read Part 2)

It’s time to Rock the Vote!

Everybody loves to see reviews. You know those two guys who rate movies with their thumbs? You can do things like that too with blog pages!


You can rate how much you liked a Post or someone’s comment. There are several ways to do that, depending on the blog site you are on.


Voting and Ranking

Voting and Ranking a Blog (click picture to enlarge)

On my blog site, you can give any Post (#4)  that you like a rating from 1 to 5 stars (think hotel ratings), where 1 star is poor and 5 starts is “me-e-ow wow“! Just move your mouse over to the number of stars you want and click. That’s it.

If you also are a blogger, you can also click the Like button (#6). This is an alternative to using Trackbacks (See Part 2 to learn about Trackbacks).

You can also vote for Comments too. If someone wrote a comment you think is good, click the “thumbs up”. If you don’t like it, click the “thumbs down” (#7).

Of course, it’s only good manners that you should write a comment about why you liked or disliked it, right?


You have probably seen a “Share This” link on a lot of web sites. If you happen to be a member of one “sharing” social network sites, you can share a blog with others.  The more popular sites are:

  • Facebook: Has replaced MySpace as the most popular site for linking friends & family.
  • Twitter: People like it because they can “tweet” by using their cell phone.

Some that you may not be so familiar with are:

  • StumbleUpon: Best known and loved as a Search Engine that finds sites based on your interests and likes. If you’ve seen the recent Microsoft Bing commercials, StumbleUpon has already been doing that since 2001.
  • Digg: Ranks sites and posts by members voting “thumbs up” (digging) or “thumbs down” (burying). For those of you out there thinking “Hey, isn’t digging and burying the same thing?” Well, in this case they’re using the old ’60’s slang for like: as in “I can dig it, Man“.
  • Reddit: A Reddit (“read it” get it?) member can submit a link of a site that they read and thought was interesting and other Reddit members can vote on if they think it’s good or bad. The ranking gets posted on the Reddit site by subject and is constantly updated as people vote.

This is why Cats ain’t Accountants (0,1,2,3)

The last thing about blogs that you should know about are Tags, Category Clouds, Blogrolls, and Pages. And yes, I have them numbered all wrong.

More Blog features

More Blog Features (click picture to enlarge)

Tags (#0)  are a way to find posts on a blog or across several blogs on the same subject. The bigger the text, the more posts on that subject.

Category Clouds (#1)  refine the Tags into categories on the blog site itself. Think of it like using the Search box (see Part 1) but you click on the category you want to see posts for. Again, the bigger the words, the more postings for that category.

Blogrolls (#3) aren’t tasty fishy things wrapped in rice and seaweed. A Blogroll is a list of blogs that I like and want to share with you.

Remember at the beginning of the tour I said most web sites have two to three different ways to do the same thing? The Pages (#2) section simply lists vertically the pages you see horizontally at the top of the blog.

Well, that concludes my tour of a Blog Page.  The tip bucket is next to door and I accept all kinds of fish and sushi rolls.

— “cc”


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CC’s Guided Tour of the Curious Blog Page, Part 2 Page Up/ Page Down buttons are not working with web pages?

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