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Comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie dies at 49

Comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie dies at 49 – Pics – National Blogosphere Buzz |

Dwayne McDuffie

This goes out to all the comic book fancats who love Static Shock, Ben 10, Damage Control, and Milestone Comics.

McDuffie was scheduled to appear  at Golden Apple Comics tonight and will be sorely missed.

Hopefully a full medical investigation is underway regarding his death during surgery.

More information can be found on McDuffie’s website:


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This Phish Ain’t Byte-ing

Wanna see a live, wiggling, phishing scam? Last time I talked about what is Phishing and today I’m going to show you a real one!

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No Phishing Here!

You probably have heard a lot about “phishing”, but don’t know what it is. Let a cat explain why you don’t want to catch this particular fish!

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What’s a Firefox?

A lot of people new to computers don’t realize that there are other ways to get on the Internet than using Microsoft’s IE or Apple’s Safari. So today I’m going to tell you about the popular internet browser called “Firefox”, and why people are using it to “surf the ‘Net”.

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