Why Don’t People Respond To My e-Mails?

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In previous posts, I talked about phishing and spam e-mails. However, there are many honest people who send e-mails only to never receive a reply back, or the recipient said never received any mail from them.

If you are one of these unfortunate souls, it’s not because you personally are being blacklisted — but if you use AOL, Hotmail, MSN, or Yahoo, your e-mail provider might be.

Why Are They Being Blocked?

Spammers would commonly exploit these free e-mail services to distribute their unwanted junk mail, or create a fake e-mail that ends in @AOL.com or @Hotmail.com to give it legitimate appearance.  After being constantly blasted daily from hundreds of spam, many companies and individuals started blocking (or blacklisted) any e-mail coming from AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, along with a few others.

What Can I Do?

You could call up the Recipient (you can’t e-mail them, remember?) and ask them  to put your e-mail address on their whitelist of approved addresses.

Next, get a second e-mail with a different @ location, and start using it for your main correspondence to people.

If you pay a monthly bill for Internet your Internet Service Provider provides you with several free e-mail accounts. These mail accounts are less likely to be blocked or blacklisted.

For example if you get your Internet from Verizon, then you can have an e-mail account that ends with a @verizon.net, SBC/ATT subscribers would have an @SBCglobal.net address, Cox cable subscribers @Cox.net, and so on.   You also have a better chance of getting the e-mail name you want (Look Ma! No more random numbers at the end of your e-mail name!) and less chance  of being on someone’s Spam list.

If you’re not sure how to set up an e-mail from your Internet provider, call them up and get them to help you out! They get a check from you every month so you have a right to get your money’s worth from them.

People looking for work or applying to college definitely should have a second, professional e-mail name. (Here’s a Pop Quiz for you:  Which person will be hired? The guy who’s e-mail name is JonHDoe@yahoo.com or the guy who’s e-mail name is HotBody73412@yahoo.com?)

Hey, What About Us AOL Subscribers?

Unfortunately, people who pay for AOL often find themselves blacklisted because of their @AOL.com address.

A solution for you AOL subscribers is to sign up and get a free Google Gmail account. Spammers haven’t exploited the @gmail.com, so gMail addresses aren’t widely blacklisted.  You just go to www.google.com, click the Gmail link at the top of the page, and sign up to get your free mail account.

How To Reduce Ol’ Spam From Coming To Your New eMail Address

If you don’t want to start getting a lot of Spam coming to your new e-mail address, use your old e-mail whenever a web site asks for your e-mail address. That way the only e-mail address that gets on mailing lists is your old one.

— The Computer Cat


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