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Chicken Soup for Computers

Is your computer losing it’s spring? Not performing like it used to? Here are the five most common computer problems and their remedies.


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World’s Oldest Hamburger? McDonald’s Burger From 1999 Almost Looks New (VIDEO)

Hoo, hoo, hoo!
That reminds me of the video “Supersize Me” years ago when they compared the “staying power” of various eateries French Fries, and found out the McDonalds fries didn’t decompose when the other’s did. Boy, that turned me off of MickeyD Fries (once my favorite item on their menu) immediately.
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Givin’ Some “IE 10 Love” to Windows 7

My Human is very excited today. Out of months of saying “no new IE for Windows 7 users”, Microsoft has finally relented and announced that the more secure IE 10 will now be available for Windows 7 (and Server 2008 too!). Find out more on how to get it for your Win 7 machine!

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Stop Caring About What Others Think!

My little cousin here has the right idea:   Stop Caring About What Others Think!. A lot of you Humans need to remember this, especially those who are “Salaried” and often have to work 10 to 12 hours a day.

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~ Computer Cat


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Vintage Social Networking (LOL!)

Heh, heh.  Better known as “Old School Networking”.  How many of you out there remember doing this?  vintage social networking


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It’s Tax Day! Procrastinators, you can e-File Returns for Free!

Here’s my “Catnip Tidbit” for April 15th:

For those who don’t e-file because you hate paying those processing fees, rejoice! There are ways you can file your return electronically for free.  “Download & install” versions of tax software like TurboTax, usually offers to e-file your Federal returns for free (The “Online” version charges for both Fed & State e-filing). offers free e-filing from their website (Wow, the IRS not charging for a change), and many states like California have changed to now allow free e-filing. To find out if your State has free e-filing, go to your State’s official web site.  And if you don’t know where to find it, just walk to your car and look at the license plate–States now have their website printed on the plates!

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