How to get rid of the gray (text on websites)

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From Gray to Black

Nobody likes seeing gray. Just look at all the money humans spend on buying dyes and stuff just to remove the gray on their heads and faces.(If you’re a gray cat, on the other hand, you just have to live with it.) So why are more and more web pages on the Internet are starting to use gray text?

Is gray type really easier on the eyes?

I’ve heard from humans who create web pages that the reason non-black text is used is because “it’s easier on the eyes”. Well, my own eyes say it’s not easier to read! And since when are web designers eye-doctors anyway?

Actually, I think the real reason is because that’s the color that automatically comes up when they open the application to recreate a web page.  Few people go through the extra effort to change the default color to black. Either they don’t know how or they are lazy.

Fortunately I do know an expert in the field of eyes who would know.  Dr. Daniel Quon is the president of South Coast Optometry and is what my Human, The Chief Geek, calls an “Ocular Scholar”.

The “eyes” have had it!

According to Dr. Quon, there should be a definite contrast between the text and the background. Letters that appear to bleed (or “blend”) into the background, causes the eyes to work harder to focus and adds to eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Dr. Quon also pointed out another more serious issue–the eyes long-term exposure to the blue light wavelength from monitors, tablets, and smartphone screens. (But that will have to be for another Post.)

Black by Popular Demand: The Chief Geek’s “Gray Away” tool

The Chief Geek came up with a really neat way for you to change the gray text back to black on a web site and make reading easier on the eyes. It’s called TCG GrayAway and it’s here free for you nice humans.  TCG GrayAway not only makes the gray text black, but it also highlights all the click-able links on the page too.

Using TCG GrayAway

TCG GrayAway tool on a browser’s bookmarks toolbar (circled).

How does TCG GrayAway work?

Click on the link below to get the TCG GrayAway tool. Follow the simple directions to put the TCG GrayAway on your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

Get TCG GrayAway now!

Now when you are on a site that has gray or light colored text, click the TCG GrayAway bar and you’ll have black text again.

So wash that gray right out of your page with TCG GrayAway.

–The Computer Cat



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