I can receive, but I can’t send eMail anymore!

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If you had an eMail address (or addresses) emailthat has faithfully sent and received eMail for years, only to suddenly stop mailing out eMails you want to send, don’t blame your computer.  Blame your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the change.  You know-those guys you pay every month to have Internet (often “bundled” with your cable, phone, and cell bills to make it harder for you to change to a different provider)?

Does this problem affect everybody with eMail?

This problem will only be seen by people who install a “mail client” program on their computer. Microsoft’s Outlook is the most famous of Mail Client programs, followed by Apple’s Mail, Entourage, and Mozilla’s Thunderbird, to name a few.

Also if you send e-Mail under a private domain (i.e. cc@TheChiefGeek.Org) you or your business owns, instead of a public domain like @yahoo.com, @outlook.com, @aol.com, you might find yourself unable to send as well.

Now you won’t be seeing this problem if you send and receive e-Mail using  web-based email on the Internet. Web-based email is going on the Internet to mail.google.com (GMail) or mail.yahoo.com (Yahoo mail) to read and send eMail.

Who might be affected?

You may start having problems sending out mail if you  have one of these ISPs:

  • AT&T
  • MindSpring
  • Earthlink
  • BellSouth
  • MSN
  • CableOne
  • NetZero
  • Charter mails
  • People PC
  • Comcast ATTBI
  • Sprynet
  • Cox
  • Sympatico.ca
  • Verio
  • Flashnet
  • Verizon
  • MediaOne
  • Telus

These IPSs have blocked the “port” that you use for sending out eMail.   A port is a way for information to be sent (or received) over the Internet. And there are a lot of ports.  You can think of them like doors (I  think of ports like portholes in a ship).  In this case, these ISPs have blocked port #25 — one of the ports reserved for eMail services.

Why & What can I do about it?

Port 25 is one of the first ports and the oldest mail sending ports, therefore it’s the most commonly used.  Over the years, more and more spammers use port 25 to send out spam under the guise of the ISP.  So these ISPs have closed port 25, blocking any mail from being sent (including your honest eMails).

Unfortunately, ISPs are lousy when it comes to telling their paying customers when they make a major changes like this (now you see why they want to bundle all your bills).  So now you’re pulling your fur trying to figure out why you can’t send eMails to your clients.

Port 26 is also a reserved mail port but not blocked by ISPs.  Just go into your mail client program (or find the geek that set it up for you) and change your Outgoing Mail Server’s port from 25 to Port 26.

If your outgoing mail is still being blocked, give your ISP a call so they can tell you what you need to change to start sending mail again. After all, customer support is part of what you pay for!



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