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The Attraction Between Cats & Computers

Photo courtesy of Brian Ashcraft,

First, take a look at some videos of some funny, cute computer cats:

Humans have always wondered about cats and computers. So much so, a Japanese site,, actually did research to find that reason. You can read their “findings” (in English) and “solutions”:

Let me let you in on two little secrets:  One: We just hate it when you ignore us. Before there were computers, you humans would read newspapers and books. And what did we do? We would walk across your paper and spread ourselves out covering all the paper! And it’s not just sitting on a laptop–I will curl up in my humans arms while she’s typing, walk across her keyboards, and my paws can do some amazing swiping on a touchscreen. We cats believe that you humans read too much–you should just sit down and watch videos and reality-shows, so we can sit on your laps.

Two: We’re still holding a grudge with you buying flat-screen TVs!  Since the first televisions of the 1930’s, generations of cats happily snoozed on top of those warm, boxy cathode-ray sets.  Now, all we find are those skinny TVs in our houses. Do you know how hard it is to sit on one of those?! Since you took away our nice warm TV-watching spot, guess what? Your lap is now our new TV spot!

Now let me squeeze myself between my human and her keyboard!

~The Computer Cat


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