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I can receive, but I can’t send eMail anymore!

If you had an eMail address that has faithfully sent and received eMail, only to suddenly stop mailing out eMails you want to send, don’t blame your computer.


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Three Jeers! Today is Spam Day!

Spam is more than that delectable luncheon meat made up of unidentified animal parts. It is the term coined to describe the electronic equivalent of postal junk mail.

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Fake Facebook e-mails being sent today!

Hello everyone!  Pass this on to your Facebook Friends so they can won’t fall for this scam.

Earlier I wrote a couple of articles about Phishing eMails and how to spot them. Today I just received a phishing mail posing as a Facebook security mail.

The Bad Guys did a great job of making it look just like a real Facebook letter (see figure below). Too bad they sent it to an eMail address that I do not have on Facebook!  This particular phish actually has all of it’s click-able links going to a european site called, a site with a questionable history.

Phishing Facebook letter

Looks legitimate, don’t it? (Click image to enlarge.)

To learn more about Phishing and what to look for check these articles too:

~ The Computer Cat

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New Attack on IE Browser Users

Yesterday, a new way to attack computers that used IE was revealed. Today there is a patch to fix that security hole–I’ll tell you what you should be aware of and how to get the patch.

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Why Don’t People Respond To My e-Mails?

Have you ever sent an e-mail to someone but never got back a reply? And then they said they never got the e-mail from you at all? It’s possible the e-mail you’re using may be “blacklisted”. Here’s what you need to know and how to avoid being blacklisted.

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Computer Break-In May Have Your e-Mail

Here’s something you need to know if you use the Internet to do any personal businesses.

On April 2th businesses that use the e-mail marketing company Epsilon have been warning their customers their name and e-mail addresses may be in the hands of hackers.

JP Morgan-Chase, U.S. Bank, TiVo, Disney Destinations, Robert Half Recruiters, Capital One, Best Buy, Wallgreens, and Kroger to name a few have your e-mail and other information handled by Epsilon, a marketing company.

The warnings are to let customers be on the lookout for fake e-Mails asking for your passwords and other personal information (this is called “Phishing”).

Ironically, Epsilon just issued a release days before the security breach about what they do with your information. You can read it on

If you are concerned about your whether your bank or online store uses Epsilon and if your personal information is compromised, call them up on the phone and ask.

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You Don’t Need To Buy Office 2007/2010 Just To Read Those Files

If you can’t read the new Microsoft Office .DOCX or .XLSX files, you don’t need to toss out your good old, reliable version of Office. Here’s how you can read those new file types for free!

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