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Three Jeers! Today is Spam Day!

Spam is more than that delectable luncheon meat made up of unidentified animal parts. It is the term coined to describe the electronic equivalent of postal junk mail.


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Everybody Loves Pi (Day)

March 14th is Pi Day! This funny mathematical number was Transcendental before the Beatles found the Maharishi, and more Irrational than Charlie Sheen. Here’s what you can do to celebrate Pi Day!

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You might be a Geek if …

We cats like to collect things and this is my favorite collection of “You may be a Geek” jokes from around the world.

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Happy Binary Day!!

For all you computer geeks out there November 11 has a special meaning. For all the other people who are not, it’s Happy Binary Day!

You see, in spite of how smart they seem computers only understand two numbers: 1 and 0. And since computers don’t have fingers, they can only count up to 1. This is called binary counting (or Base 2 for all you math teachers out there).

So the date “11/11/11” is the unofficial Binary Day date. Yes, 10/10/10 was also Binary Day, but you see why it’s “unofficial”.

And remember:
“There are 10 people who understand binary: Those who do and those who do not.


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