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What Do All Those Funny Little Icons That Appear On My Phone Mean?

The problem with the so-called “international symbols” is sometimes you get one that nobody knows what it’s supposed to represent, except the guy who invented the symbol.

Here I shall show you some of the icons found on cell phones with an explanation of what each icon means.


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Buying Your First Computer

The first thing people ask my Human when they find out she’s The Chief Geek is “I want to buy a new computer. What kind would you get?” If you’re buying your first computer or going to buy a new one for going back to school, here’s some of The Chief Geek’s tips to save you some time, money, and aggravation.

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Chicken Soup for Computers

Is your computer losing it’s spring? Not performing like it used to? Here are the five most common computer problems and their remedies.

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More “Need Bigger Words” – The Google Chrome Browser

One of my first–and most popular–blogs was “Need Bigger Words”. There, I showed you nice humans how to make text bigger on the major browsers at that time. Now, I’m going to show you how to do it on Google’s Chrome browser.

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What’s a Firefox?

A lot of people new to computers don’t realize that there are other ways to get on the Internet than using Microsoft’s IE or Apple’s Safari. So today I’m going to tell you about the popular internet browser called “Firefox”, and why people are using it to “surf the ‘Net”.

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CC’s Guided Tour of the Curious Blog Page, Part 3

Well it’s about time to end our tour. But before we leave, let me tell you about blog voting, sharing, tags, clouds, and blogrolls (which isn’t a sushi roll dish).

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CC’s Guided Tour of the Curious Blog Page, Part 2

Well, we’ve just completed the first half of our tour, where we learned about the main features found on the home page of a blog site. Now that everyone has taken a short break, grab my tail again and I’ll show you the other nifty things a blog can do!

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