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What You Can Do for Net Neutrality Day, Wednesday July 12th

Explains what is Net Neutrality & what you can do for Net Neutrality Day, Wednesday July 12th.


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Weekend Windows Attacks Can Hold Your Data for Ransom

The WannaCrypt (called WannaCry if your become a victim) has caused world wide panic. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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Three Jeers! Today is Spam Day!

Spam is more than that delectable luncheon meat made up of unidentified animal parts. It is the term coined to describe the electronic equivalent of postal junk mail.

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April 8 Windows XP “deadline”: Do you really need to upgrade?

Remember the fervor (more like a panic) over Y2K? Well the same “fervor” is happening in the last few weeks as people’s XP computers are suddenly getting pop up windows saying their system will no longer be safe after April 8th, and everyone show go to Windows 8 immediately. But do you really need to upgrade? I’ll give you a checklist so you can make the choice on whether to upgrade your XP (and likely your actual computer) and what you can do to keep XP and still stay safe.

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Everybody Loves Pi (Day)

March 14th is Pi Day! This funny mathematical number was Transcendental before the Beatles found the Maharishi, and more Irrational than Charlie Sheen. Here’s what you can do to celebrate Pi Day!

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Free texting from your computer!

Did you know that you can send “Texting” from your computer? Here’s how you can text using your computer for free.

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Buying Your First Computer

The first thing people ask my Human when they find out she’s The Chief Geek is “I want to buy a new computer. What kind would you get?” If you’re buying your first computer or going to buy a new one for going back to school, here’s some of The Chief Geek’s tips to save you some time, money, and aggravation.

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