Meet “CC”


I’m “CC” and The Computer Cat’s Corner is my place where humans who may be new to (or intimidated by) computers & technology can also come in, curl up and learn. Believe me, if a little cat can understand this stuff, so will you!

My human, The Chief Geek, found me crying up in a neighborhood tree (because I couldn’t find any Wi-Fi) and took me in.  One look at all those long-tailed mice dangling from her machines, I knew this was a good home for me!

I decided to show my human just how useful I am:  I caught all the mice, made sure the swimming fish did not escape from the monitor screens, and put all the flash drives in my litter box.  And when The Chief Geek is out helping schools and offices with their geek needs, I hop up on one of her computers to help answer your questions and to give you computer tips.

If you have questions about computers or technology, click the Ask Me A Question! tab on the top of this page.

And if you need more help, The Chief Geek will be happy to help you or your business from consultation to training.


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