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Detecting fake eMails

If you thought getting junk mail in your postal mail box is annoying, multiply that by 10 and that’s the average number of Spam a typical eMail address receives daily. Some is annoying, but many are malicious and criminal with the intent of stealing your personal information or crippling your computer (and smartphone). Here’s how to tell what’s real and what’s not.

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I can receive, but I can’t send eMail anymore!

If you had an eMail address that has faithfully sent and received eMail, only to suddenly stop mailing out eMails you want to send, don’t blame your computer.

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If you get a call about your computer, IT’S A SCAM !

UPDATE: In addition to the scam of the bad guys calling you, there is a new type of “scareware” that’s appeared. It pops-up a message on your screen saying your computer has been infected and with a phone number for you to call them so they can “fix” your infected computer–for several hundred dollars. The rest of their scam is just like my article here. Watch out for these dirty “rats”!

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There’s A New Scam To Steal Your Gmail Info, And It’s Hard To Catch

People using gMail, Google+, Google Drive, be on the alert! A recent phishing scam is targeting smartphones and computers with a Google account.

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Givin’ Some “IE 10 Love” to Windows 7

My Human is very excited today. Out of months of saying “no new IE for Windows 7 users”, Microsoft has finally relented and announced that the more secure IE 10 will now be available for Windows 7 (and Server 2008 too!). Find out more on how to get it for your Win 7 machine!

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Computer Break-In May Have Your e-Mail

Here’s something you need to know if you use the Internet to do any personal businesses.

On April 2th businesses that use the e-mail marketing company Epsilon have been warning their customers their name and e-mail addresses may be in the hands of hackers.

JP Morgan-Chase, U.S. Bank, TiVo, Disney Destinations, Robert Half Recruiters, Capital One, Best Buy, Wallgreens, and Kroger to name a few have your e-mail and other information handled by Epsilon, a marketing company.

The warnings are to let customers be on the lookout for fake e-Mails asking for your passwords and other personal information (this is called “Phishing”).

Ironically, Epsilon just issued a release days before the security breach about what they do with your information. You can read it on

If you are concerned about your whether your bank or online store uses Epsilon and if your personal information is compromised, call them up on the phone and ask.

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This Phish Ain’t Byte-ing

Wanna see a live, wiggling, phishing scam? Last time I talked about what is Phishing and today I’m going to show you a real one!

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No Phishing Here!

You probably have heard a lot about “phishing”, but don’t know what it is. Let a cat explain why you don’t want to catch this particular fish!

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